Hita city is surrounded by beautiful mountains like Aso/
Mt. Kujuu and Mt. Hiko. The rich spring that flows from
these mountains meet at Hita-Bonchi, passing through
Chikugo/Sano Heiya, enriching local lives and industries.
It flourished an important role as a connecting point for
various locations of Northern Kyushu.
During the Edo period,it came under direct control
of the Bakufu/Tenryo and a Saigokusuji
Gundai was founded. It flourished as a central
location for politics/economy/culture in Kyushu.
To this day, the traditional cityscape and
cultures are passed on.

Around tourist information

Hitagionyamaboko Hall

Here you can see elegant Yamahokosused in the Hita Gion Festival, held on Saturdays and Sundays after July 20th every year

Opening Hours   9F00`17F00
Closing day year end and new year,Wednesday
Admission fee adult310AElementary school , junior high , high school students210

Streets of Mameda town

Edo-period,Mameda town, home of rich townspeople culture, which was under direct control of Bakufu.Houses with white walls and tiled roofs remain to this day. The elegant houses of famous trading families like the Hiroses and Kusanos remind us of the time when the town flourished.You can find man-powered cars as well.

Contact   0973-22-2036 TENRYOU man-powered cars iHita Tourism Association inj
URL http://www.oidehita.com

Sapporo Beer factory

You can try Hita beer, made from rich organic water of Hita, and tour the beer factory and see how itfs made.You can also see retro-town and beer restaurant hall.

Tour time   9F00`17F00
holiday December-January on Wednesday,year end and new yeariDecember 24 - January 5j
Admission fees None Reservation required
TEL 0973-25-1100
URL http://www.sapporobeer.jp

Kuju gYumeh suspended bridge

height 173mAlength 390mAThis is the No 1 suspended bridge for walking.You can enjoy the magnificent view of Shindo-no-taki, one of the top 100 waterfalls of Japan, and Kyusuikei (Naruko valley) where you can see beautiful foliage.

Business Hours   WFRO`PUFROi January-June^November-Decemberj
WFRO`PVFROi July-Novemberj
From autumn to spring, it gets dark after 4pm, so please be careful.
Admission fee Junior high school students or more 500
Primary school children 200
Elementary school or less None
Regular holiday None iAttractions may close unexpectedly due to weather.Please see notices for more information.j
URL http://www.yumeooturihashi.com

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You can see adorable Hina dolls
all around town, from the Kusano house,
the Taizo house, old houses,
shops, and restaurants.Enjoy the polite
explanations too.Mameda is good too,
but there is a Hina-festival in Sumi town,
which is close to the lodge district

Cormorant fishing
season begins when
the river opens
The Mikuma-river
fireworks go on
for 2 days with various
events to start up the
Hita summer

An elegant festival
for the flourishing
Tenryo Hita Lose
yourself watching the
Yamahoko alongside
traditional cityscape
Important Intangible
Folk Cultural Properties

Hita Tenryo festival
People wear traditional
clothes and walk
around the city,
Saigokusuji Gundai
arrival line
The traditional line
the Tenryo era
Thinking about the
elegant era

Light of a thousand

Along the Mikuma-river,
where Kagetu river
and the lodging
district of Mameda
town is located,
people light up
the autumn
night using
20,000 bamboo lamps

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Hita-onsen Ryokan Association


HIta Tourism Association


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Hitaonsen-caffel Hinanosato

Hitaonsen-caffel Hinanosato@877-0044@1-3-8 Kuma, Hita city Oita@TELF+81-973-22-2134@/@FAXF+81-973-22-2140

Here for reservation by phone +81-973-22-2134