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3 types of charm of caffel Hinanosato

Lodging plan summary

Guest room imges Hinako Sweet

New Guest Room Hinako Suite】

Upon our renewal, a new room, the Hinako Suite is now available.Enjoy the magnificent view of Mikuma-river from the sofa bed next to the window.Enjoy the view of Suigo Hita from a soft comfortable bed.

Hinako Room imges

【Hinako Room】

Japanese-style room(10 Jo (Tatami))

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Japanese and Western-style room imges

【Japanese and Western-style room】

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The River Room imges

【The River Room】

Japanese-style room(8 Jo (Tatami)〜10 Jo (Tatami))

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Standard room imges


Japanese-style room(8 Jo (Tatami)〜10 Jo (Tatami))

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Room with an outdoor Roten-buroimges

【Room with an outdoor Roten-buro】

Japanese and Western-style room・Japanese-style room・Western style room

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Special room imges

【Special room】

A roomy Japanese room with 14 Jo (Tatami) + Twin bed + Living room

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Hita Onsen, caffel Hinanosato

Hita Onsen, caffel Hinanosato 〒877-0044 1-3-8 Kuma, Hita city Oita TEL:+81-973-22-2134 / FAX:+81-973-22-2140

Here for reservation by phone +81-973-22-2134