Enjoy a quiet and relaxing time watching over the everlasting water flow of Mikuma-river Hita, a city with a warm atmosphere, a perfect place to wear yukata and geta (Japanese sandals)
caffel Hinanosato is located in a town where traditional cityscape is maintained.
You can ride the Yakatabune (Japanese houseboat) in Mikuma-river. From May to October, you can watch cormorant fishing from the Yakatabune.We will provide the ultimate luxury.
The drawings of Ohina-sama found in the lodge were drawn by the Okami (landlady).Enjoy a warm relaxing time.
Enjoy a quiet and relaxing time watching over the everlasting water flow of Mikuma-river.
Delicious seasonal dishes and warm hospitality awaits you.

Suigo Hita, home of pure water, mountain, and human kindness,Mikuma-river is the symbol. Hita city is surrounded by beautiful mountains like Aso/Mt. Kuju and Mt. Hiko. The rich spring that flows from these mountains meet at Hita-Bonchi, passing through Chikugo/Sano Heiya, enriching local lives and industries. During the Edo-period, it flourished as an area under direct control of Bakufu/Shogunate control. It was the center of politics, economy, and culture. Traditions and cityscapes from then still live on in this historic town.

Three of the charm of caffel Hinanosato

You can enjoy Yakatabune in various ways depending on your idea,You can host a Karaoke party with friends and families. The possibilities are endless.caffel Hinanosato has 5 Yakatabunes available (capacity 26 ~ 7) If your party consists of more than 26 people, you can connect the ships and hold a total of 130 guests

At caffel Hinanosato, you can choose from Japanese room, Japanese/Western room, and a room with a roten-buro (outdoor bath).From the Japanese/Western room and the roten-buro room, you can see Mikuma-river and Kameyama park.Choose the right room based on your needs and enjoy a private and relaxing time.

Watch over Mikuma-river from the lobby and terrace.Enjoy the seasonal changes of Mikuma-river throughout the year. Meeting room ~ party room available.Meals available at Yayoi, get souvenirs at caffel Hinanosato-goenya


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