Watch over Mikuma-river from the lobby and terrace.
Enjoy the seasonal changes of Mikuma-riverr
throughout the yea. Meeting room ~ party room available
Meals available at Yayoi,
get souvenirs at caffel Hinanosato-goenya.

日田温泉caffel ひなのさとの館内イメージ

A big lobby with a great view of Mikuma-river.Enjoy the seasonal changes of Mikuma-river throughout the year.
Delicious water of Suigo Hita available as well.You can purchase tobacco, alcohol, and soft drinks at the vending machines.

At the end of the lobby, there is free Internet and self serve coffee machines.
Please make use of them to gather information for your trip.
Wireless LAN available on the first floor.
【Available time】AM7:30〜23:00

You can see Mikuma-river and Kameyama park from the terrace.
Exhausted from your trip? Sit back and relax in this soothing space.

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Hitaonsen-caffel Hinanosato Dish page

Dinner and breakfast will be served at Yayoi. All private rooms,26 rooms in total, chairs and tables. Breakfast served in buffet style, Japanese and Western dishes available

  • Eating facility image
  • Eating facility image
  • Eating facility image

Purchase original souvenirs of Oita prefecture.
Many original and creative items available.

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caffel Hinanosato has many facilities to accommodate regular guests, company training, meetings, and more.Please consult us accordingly.Party room「Kisaragi」「Satuki」「Hazuki」(Maximum capacity 30, 70, 10, accordingly)


  1 hour Half a day one day
Satuki1+2(Western style room140m2) ¥7,560 ¥27,000 ¥54,000
Satuki1(Western style room85m2) ¥5,400 ¥16,200 ¥21,600
Satuki2(Western style room55m2) ¥5,400 ¥16,200 ¥21,600
Hazuki2(Japanese-style room18jo(tatami)) ¥2,160 ¥8,640 ¥16,200

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Hitaonsen-caffel Hinanosato

Hitaonsen-caffel Hinanosato 〒877-0044 1-3-8 Kuma, Hita city Oita TEL:+81-973-22-2134 / FAX:+81-973-22-2140

Here for reservation by phone +81-973-22-2134